Carbon WTD Wheels

 955,90 1.801,69

With a wider inside width, carbon rims I use allows for a more aerodynamic rim/tire combination when paired with a 23c tire.  The tire profile mimics the characteristics of a tubular, gaining increased control and lower rolling resistance. The advantage can be felt immediately while taking corners as the tire is no longer shaped as a light bulb, flopping over with high load.


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 955,90 1.801,69



Wheelset with carbon rims,  Aero CN black spokes, and black nipples are 60,- more expensive.

Enhanced by titanium wire for bad roads.
To avoid brake track melt situation from long time hard braking in fast downhill/descending, enhanced basalt brake surface for high-temperature resistance is used.

During a long downhill and longer breaking intervals, the braking surface can start to overheat. To avoid this situation interval braking is recommended for the rim to cool down.
Brake hard for max 10 seconds and leave 1 second for the rim to “breath/cool down”.

Wheelset with carbon rims, the following black spokes and spoke pattern:

Spoke set up for a rider with max. 75 kg.

Drive side: Mach1 Pro (2 mm – 1.7 mm – 2 mm)
Non-drive side: Mach1 Air (  2 mm – 1,5 mm – 2 mm )
Front wheel: Mach1 Air (  2 mm – 1,5 mm – 2 mm )

For rider over 75 kg, the following spoke setup is recommended:

Drive side: DT Swiss Competition  double butted spokes ( 2 / 1.8  / 2 ) mm
Non drive side: Mach1 Pro double butted spaken ( 2 / 1.7 / 2 ) mm
Front wheel: Mach1 Pro double butted spaken ( 2 / 1.7 / 2 ) mm

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Aivee, Bitex, Chris King, Chris King Ceramic, DT Swiss 240S, Hope, Novatec, Royce, White Ind


Mach1 Pro/Mach1 Air, Mach1 profile/CN