DT Swiss 240s

The most popular hub in the DT Swiss 240s line-up, these center lock® hubs are perfect for offering the most versatility. From convertible 15 mm front hubs to various completely convertible rear hubs of 142 mm and 135 mm thru bolt versions, the 240s Center Lock® disc hubs are perfect for the rider looking for top end performance all day long in his wheels. Also available in 32 hole white hubs.

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Chris King R45

Chris King has updated the R45 road racing hubs to accommodate the new 11spd drivetrain systems. The new 11spd compatible hub will feature a new slightly longer driveshell and a new axle. The R45 11spd maintains a strict 130mm axle spacing for seamless integration.The R45 hubset has the option of stainless steel sealed bearings. As with every King bearing, these bearings are made in-house in Portland, Oregon and individually hand-checked for precision and smoothness.

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Royce Gold
Hub Shells feature flanges manufactured in Titanium with a deep lustre finish, spaced apart by a ground and lacquered Carbon Fibre sleeve.  The Cassette carrier, (is available in Campagnolo or Shimano) also manufactured in our workshop, is Titanium, all spacers and shield are Titanium.  Grip nuts are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel. All external metallic parts are coated with Titanium Nitride to give a superb, extremely hard, gold finish.All patterns of Lacing is acceptable. Weight:  Campagnolo: 319g   Shimano: 328g (subject to number of holes) Front Hub Ultra Light (105g) or Front Hub Mid Flange (165g)

Special order only – 4 months approx. delivery time

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Bitex RAR16/Raf12

Three years ago I started working with Bitex hubs; they are the first
manufacturer from the East that started with producing a Titanium cassette body.
Bitex is a superlative Taiwanese bicycle hub manufacturer. The company itself started in 1923, formerly known as Valisum. Bitex uses high quality materials, innovative and patented designs to create some of the best performing, durable and reliable hubs on the market. They make a hub suitable for every situation. Bitex 6CB rear hub is a 'monster' of a hub,  I recommend it to everybody.
It's easy to service and the parts are very affordable.

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